About Us

"Gettin' Short" is the term used when a person's attitude begins to change because they have only a short time left before they leave for their next duty assignment.  (Think "senioritis" in high school.)

One morning as a young Navy Ensign, I walked out to quarters to inspect my division and review their work assignments for the day.  As I looked down the row, I noticed one of my more seasoned and squared-away Petty Officers was missing.  In his place was a pair of shoes with a cover (hat) resting on them.

I was a little surprised to see that, because he was such a solid performer.  In fact, I was bummed because he was transferring to another ship in less than a week.

I continued with the uniform inspection.  When I got to the shoes and cover, I did a smart left face, got down on my hands and knees, and inspected the "uniform."

The shoes were well-blackened and the cover was clean and had no "Irish pennants," so he passed.  When I stood up, I looked at the Petty Officers on either side of the empty spot and asked, "What's with him?"

Without cracking a smile, one of them said, "I dunno, sir.  I guess he's gettin' short."

When a sailor is gettin' short, they just don't care as much.

Unfortunately, that's also when the military sends personnel to the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) to help them prepare for leaving the military. and are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Gettin' Short, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Tens of thousands of veterans are frustrated, angry - even suicidal - because no one has explained the real differences between the military and civilian worlds.  At Gettin' Short, LLC, we help veterans "break the code" on the civilian ROE (Rules of Engagement) while we help equip them for their next mission - civilian success - so they can continue to honor their service and be the leader in their homes.