Jeff's Story


I believe we are all uniquely crafted by God, and we have a universe of untapped potential within us.

I believe there is a "YOU-shaped" hole in the Heart of God that waits for you.  If you don't occupy it, that spot will be empty for eternity.

Throughout your life, God works to grow you into the person who fits perfectly into that spot - no gaps, no cracks, no mortar.

I believe Satan uses fear to make His job more difficult. 

My mission?  Help people overcome some of that fear.

Scroll down to see how I have tried to do it, and continue working to do it...

US Navy veteran


After 11 years on active duty, I finished up as a Commander in the Navy Reserve. 

Along the way, I've been responsible for the people in, and produced results with, organizations ranging in size from 2 people up to more than 1,900. 

I served on a small boy (frigate), an aircraft carrier, a repair ship, and was Officer-In-Charge for the first Mediterranean LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushioned) deployment.  I also had a joint staff tour in Japan.

Every ship I served on got the Battle "E" (the highest award for Battle Efficiency) every year I was on it.  (I am probably not the only reason, but I will take as much credit for it as I can.) 

I know the military veteran is capable, flexible, dynamic, loyal, disciplined, hard-working, and trustworthy. 

Veterans have a keen understanding of leadership and followership, and they've already demonstrated a willingness to serve.

Certified High Performance Coach


Tens of thousands of executives and business owners are frustrated, tired, and (maybe a little bit) angry because they feel like they're running full speed on a hamster wheel.  

As a Certified High Performance Coach, I equip my clients with skills, strategies, and tactics, and I help them gain the mindset of the world's most successful and most fulfilled people.

So they can get off the hamster wheel and start making real progress in their lives and begin achieving the kind of success they know, in their hearts, they are meant for.

Founder of


More than 20 veterans commit suicide every day and tens of thousands more deal with the anger and frustration in silence.  I believe it's because no one has explained the real differences between the military and the civilian worlds.

At, we help veterans break the code on the civilian ROE (Rules of Engagement) while we help equip them for their next mission - massive success.

In this way, they honor their prior service, continue to serve, and remain the heroes in their homes.

I believe veterans leading the way for other veterans can unleash the untapped potential of our former military members, supercharge the US economy, and create opportunity for everyone.

Dale Carnegie (Master) Trainer


What’s the one reason people fail to succeed?


Not the fears we’re born with - like a fear of falling, or a fear of loud noises - it’s the fears we learn that cause us to step back from our potential; to play it safe; to settle for less.

For more than 20 years, I've helped people develop the habit of challenging those fears, so they can achieve more in their lives.

As a Master Trainer, I help other trainers learn to do the same.  

I’ve learned to train others in human relations, leadership, communications, and in managing stress and worry, so they can implement those principles to create success in their lives.

Founder of


Thousands of talented, service-minded coaches struggle valiantly and eventually fail as coaches, because they try to do it alone. 

At, we help coaches have an impact on the world by developing coaching mastery and business mastery within a supportive community. 

As CMC members, they build a profitable business, make their difference, impact their clients, and help create the change we so desperately need in this world.