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Still Trying to Succeed By Yourself?


Two Years Of Pandemic Prove Success Happens Faster In The Right Group!


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Is 2021 becoming a replay of 2020?


Social distancing, Zoom Meetings, "remote" teams


Has your "home office" become more "office" than "home"?  Are you working harder for the same (or less) results?  Is conflict happening more often and taking longer to resolve?  Are trust and teamwork more difficult to create and maintain?  How many hours are sucked up listening to others' complaintsAre you so drained by day's end that you have nothing left for those you love?   Have you found that what used to work doesn't work anymore?  Does your world feel out of control?

 What if it's NOT you?  What if...

What got you to this level of success is not enough for your next level of success?


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Faster and Further with Less Effort 

Get YOUR Stuff Done!


Accomplish your priorities and gain momentum on what matters most to you.

No Mo' FOMO!


Stop worrying about what you're missing because you know what needs to be done and what doesn't.

Work/Life Balance.


Enjoy your life - AGAIN!  You CAN enjoy your work and your life.  High Performers do.

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I get it.

  • YOU are the chief firefighter; 
  • YOU are the glue holding the team together. 
  • YOU soothe the egos, and 
  • YOU keep them motivated.

And, it feels like everyone depends on YOU!  Doesn't it?

You don't want to let them down, but you feel maxxed out and have started wondering,...

"How long can I keep this up?"

I believe I can help.

I am a Certified High Performance Coach and a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer.

Over the past two decades, I've helped more than 7,000 professionals reduce their stress, achieve greater work/life balance, and accelerate their success.

As a veteran, I've successfully led military and civilian organizations ranging in size from 2 to 1,900 people.


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Here's how we help you get more done, have more fun along the way, and work a WHOLE lot less.



We invest an hour together working on your stuff.  You will come away with strategies and tools you can use immediately to move your life forward. 



Targeted weekly sessions to help you implement and integrate scientifically-proven strategies and tactics so you can hit YOUR higher gear.




Enjoy your success as you reach your highest levels of engagement, excitement, execution and fun in all areas of your life.


Schedule a Free Strategy Session


Do you want more success and:

  • Greater Connection with those you love;  
  • More Joy in what you do; and
  • Higher Levels of Engagement with the world around you?

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