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Take the free 60-Day Dale Carnegie Challenge

The Workplace Landscape HAS Changed


Are You Ready?


Are you struggling to create real teams and teamwork with virtual meetings? Is it more difficult to motivate your people? Is conflict happening more often and taking longer to resolve? Are your most productive hours sucked up dealing with complaintsDo you feel so drained by day's end that you have nothing left for those you love? Does your world feel out of control?


It doesn't have to be that way.

Dale Carnegie's principles work, because
while technology has changed, people haven't.

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Accomplish Your Priorities and Gain Momentum on What Matters Most to You.


No Mo' FOMO!

Stop worrying
about missing out. KNOW what needs doing and what doesn't.

Work/Life Balance.

Enjoy your life - Kick Butt at work.  With a balanced life, you're better at both.
Go Faster and Further - Take the Free Challenge!

I get it!

  • YOU are the chief firefighter; 
  • YOU are the glue holding the team together. 
  • YOU soothe the egos, and 
  • YOU keep them motivated.

And, it feels like everyone depends on YOU!  Doesn't it?

You don't want to let them down, but you feel maxxed out and have started wondering,...

"How long can I keep this up?"

I can help.

  • Dale Carnegie (Master) Trainer.
  • Certified High Performance Coach.
  • Led organizations from 2 to 1,900 people.
  • Helped more than 7,000 professionals:

Reduce their stress, 
Achieve greater work/life balance, and
Accelerate their success.

Tired of carrying the world on your shoulders?

We should talk. 

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Take the Free Dale Carnegie Challenge!