Who is Jeff Cockrell?

Yes, that is a question for the ages.  😉

I believe in the untapped potential of every individual - including YOU!

I believe you have been uniquely crafted by God.  More than anything, He wants a relationship with you.  There is a place in His Heart reserved for you - only you.

Throughout your life, He works to shape you into that unique creation that will fit perfectly into your spot in His Heart. I believe the devil uses fear to make His job more difficult. 

I help people to overcome some of that fear.

Here are some ways I've done that,


and what I believe it means...

I am a

  • US Navy veteran - After 11 years on active duty, I finished up as a Commander in the Navy Reserve.  Along the way, I've been responsible for the people in, and accountable to produce results with, organizations ranging in size from 2 people up to more than 1,900.  Every ship, got the Battle "E" every year I was onboard it.  (I am probably not the only reason, but I will take as much credit for it as I can.)  I served on a small boy (frigate), an aircraft carrier, a repair ship, and was Officer-In-Charge for the first Mediterranean LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushioned) deployment.  I also had a staff tour on a joint staff in Japan.

I understand the military mindset.  I know the capabilities of the men and women who have served. I understand how to get things done with and through others.

  • Certified High Performance Coach - Tens of thousands of executives and business owners are frustrated, angry, and feel like they're running full speed on a hamster wheel.  As a Certified High Performance Coach, I equip my clients with skills, strategies, and tactics, and help them gain the mindset of the world's most successful and most fulfilled people, so they can get off the hamster wheel and start making real progress in their lives.

I coach people to higher levels of success in ALL areas of their life, so they can have the kind of success they know, in their hearts, they are meant for.

  • Founder of - Thousands of veterans are frustrated, angry - even suicidal - because no one has explained the real difference in the civilian world. At, we help veterans break the code on the civilian ROE (Rules of Engagement), equip them for their next mission - Massive Success - so they can serve their country at the next level and be the leader in their homes.

I believe I can help veterans "break the code" on the differences, for them, between success in the service and success afterwards.  And, I can help equip them to be successful in this "new" environment.

  • Dale Carnegie (Master) Trainer - Dale Carnegie & Assoc. must ensure the thousands of accomplished, capable, and HIGHLY creative Dale Carnegie trainers deliver consistent, high-quality DC training in nearly 100 countries without stifling their creativity and innovation.  As a DC (Master) Trainer, I help ensure all DC trainers are grounded in the fundamentals and skills; simultaneously I am  a conduit for the best ideas to flow up, so Dale Carnegie continues to be cutting edge in training methodologies, content and delivery. 

I lead people to discover answers which make sense for them and becomes "their" answer.  I understand the application of principles of human relations, communications, managing stress, and how to deliver them effectively.

  • Founder of - Thousands of talented, service-minded coaches struggle and eventually fail because they try to do it alone.  At, we help coaches have an impact on the world by developing coaching mastery and business mastery within a supportive community, so they can build their business, make their difference, impact their clients, and help create the change we so desperately need in this world.

I know the impact coaching can have on the person being coached and on the coach.  These two positive ripples go forth from a coaching interaction.  We need more positive ripples.  I also am beginning to understand the power of a community of like-minded individuals to change the world.  (Ironic, isn't it?  That's what the military is.)


About Us

Gettin' Short, LLC is a veteran-owned corporation formed to help reduce the number of veteran suicides.  While there are challenges unique to veterans, and some requiring particular expertise, many challenges experienced by veterans can be overcome by veterans when given the proper tools and perspectives.  While this is not the answer for all veterans, at Gettin' Short, LLC, we believe that veterans are best helped by each other.